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Kela Patta Green Banana Leaf Film

Product Description
We supply  green printed bopp film and polyester film in any width. Banana leaf film is an innovative, eco-friendly packaging material made from dried banana leaves. It serves as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic films, offering biodegradability and natural water-resistant properties. Commonly used for food packaging, this biodegradable film contributes to reducing environmental pollution and promoting sustainable packaging solutions.

Product Specification

  • Color: Kela Patta Green
  • Material: Bopp
  • Surface Finish: Smooth and Kela Patta
  • Pack Size: 80Kgs in roll
  • Micron: 4.5 , 6, 7, 8


  • Paper Plates
  • Biryani Pouches(Craft Paper)
  • Craft Paper Lamination(80GSM To 500GSM)
  • Dona Patta

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